Making Time For Love: Dating Strategies For Busy Lives

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Work, friends, family, self-care, hobbies, and getting enough sleep are all things that can keep anyone busy. How much more does it cost to date? Whew! You may have thought you were too busy to go on a date because you had a lot going on, but deep down, you wanted to be with someone. You can still go on a date even if you’re busy. You can improve your love life even if you don’t have much time to date. I’ll tell you nine ways to date, even if you’re too busy to do anything else.

Dating Strategies Recognizing Your Busy Lifestyle

Staying away from something can help us deal with it while keeping our minds on more important things. This way, we don’t have to worry about rejection or hurt. It’s normal to want to feel like someone wants you because that’s just how people are.

But to get ahead, you must be willing to put yourself out there and be vulnerable. Find out if you are too busy to date before you go on a date. Are you putting all of your time and energy into other things to avoid being sad? This could be true for you.

Talk to a friend or family member about how you feel. A licensed therapist can also help you figure out what’s happening if you need extra help getting through these feelings. When you’re honest, you can show people your true, happy, and refreshing heart.

Prioritizing Your Love Life

Which one you choose will depend on what you do for a living. Erica Gordon is an expert on dating among millennials. She says, “The right person will push you to work hard and won’t criticize you for not being around enough.” Your partner will trust you even if you don’t have much time for them if they feel safe with you.

If someone on a first date doesn’t get that you have other things going on right now, they might not be the right person for you. That person should understand your current duties. This will make the relationship less stressful, and you should be able to be yourself with them.

Communication Is Key

Besides being able to talk to each other honestly and openly, it’s also important to know what you and your date expect from the date. Feel free if you have to work late or spend time with your family. Just let your date know immediately how much time you can pay with them. You won’t make your date think you’re not following them.

Make plans with someone and be honest about how busy you are. Also, make sure to say things that make them feel important. You could say, “Right now, I’m busy at work, so I don’t have as much free time during the week as I’d like.” I’d love to get out for drinks on Friday, though! You’re telling your date you’re busy but still want to make time for them by saying these things.

Utilizing Online Dating

With online dating apps, busy people can meet people they might want to go on a date. You decide when you want to answer messages and look at profiles of single people in your area. These apps can help you find dates if you need more time to meet people in person.

To learn more about your possible match, you should still be ready to talk to them in person, not just on the app. You will watch the guy from the dating site, so make sure you have time to make plans you can keep. The right person will understand if you are honest about when you can talk about it.

Making Time For Dates

Even though writing down dates in your planner isn’t the most romantic thing, it might be fun while making plans for the week. If it’s hard to find dates during the week, try making time for them like you would for a meeting.

Set aside an hour a week for a lunch date or a quick break at lunch. Or, if you’re new to dating, talk to people on dating apps and look at their profiles for an hour.

Once you’ve chosen what to do with the time you set aside every week, add an extra hour to your tool for planning dates. If you take reasonable steps, you won’t feel like you have to go on all the dates or answer all the messages, and you’ll be more likely to hold yourself to goals and expectations that you can meet.

Sharing Meals And Hobbies

Since everyone has to eat, why not do it with your date? Pick a day when you don’t have to do anything and can spend at least an hour with someone you like. Wednesday is your least busy day at work, and you can leave half an hour early. Ask for a date to see you near work for dinner. You can always go back to work if you need to, and your date will like that you made time to meet up even though you were busy.

It’s excellent when dates feel like something other than work. You can find someone who likes the same things you do, like hiking or cooking if you’re having trouble connecting with people who want the same things. Adding dates to your schedule is a great way to meet new people and do something you both love.

For your third date, plan a hike on a local trail with someone else who likes hiking, or go grocery shopping and pick out food for dinner that you can both make. Plan a fun date that doesn’t make your date feel like they’re taking up too much of your time. This will go a long way.


Everybody has busy times. You can be sure you’re meeting the right person when you’re open and try to make time for someone you like.

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